Nicholas Ind is a popular speaker and presenter who brings the subject of branding and innovation to life with interesting research and stories. He is “en av Europas främsta Varumärkesexperter” (one of Europe’s foremost branding experts) and as the Journal of Brand Management described him “a heavyweight”.


Here’s one quote: “he has been well prepared and delivered great presentations on important and innovative topics. His presentations are well thought through, scientifically grounded and communicated in a very clear and concise manner. Nicholas’s excellent rhetorics and presentations skills also makes him very interesting to listen to.”

Magnus Sørdal, Board Member, Trondheim Marketing Association.


The three core subject areas that Nicholas talks on are described below:


Living the Brand

Successful brands are about imagination. These are the brands that inspire us. These are the organisations we feel emotional about; the brands that we trust. Yet stimulating imagination among employees and customers is hard. In this presentation, Nicholas uses examples such as Patagonia, Greenpeace, adidas and The Economist to demonstrate how memorable and powerful ideas can build employee involvement and commitment. The companies that succeed at this, benefit in terms of higher productivity, enhanced financial performance and greater intellectual capital.


Branding and Sustainability

This presentation argues that branding is important because it creates value. This is about having a clear and authentic ideology. The challenge for most organisations is to build sustainability into the culture and everyday actions of the organisation. That requires commitment and participation and an adherence to principles. The presentation shows how organisations such as DNV GL, Tony’s Chocolonely, Patagonia and Unilever have built responsible and principled brands that also deliver long term brand value.  The cases connect with the book, Nicholas co-edited called Brands with a Conscience.


Building Brands Together

This presentation shows how companies can involve consumers and other stakeholders through online communities and events to build brands. The presentation shares the results of research from the book, ‘Brand Together’, which features the findings from an online consumer community that involved 236 consumers over 52 days. This shows the expectations and largely intrinsic motivations of consumers. The presentation also draws on published research among business organizations that shows how companies approach co-creation.




For references talk to any of the conference organizers where Nicholas has spoken. List of Selected events below:



  • From Brands with a Heritage to Corporate Heritage Brands. Keynote BrandNew Seminar, Helsinki
  • Brand Desire. Keynote, Third International Colloquium on Design Branding and Marketing, Bournemouth
  • Brand Desire. ESADE Alumni at Goldman Sachs, London
  • Building Brands Together. Keynote, DerMarkentag 2016, Berlin
  • Brands with a Conscience. Keynote, 11th Global Brand Conference, Bradford
  • Living the Brand. Corporate Excellence Executive Programme, Madrid
  • Brands with a Conscience. CIM Event, Edinburgh
  • Building Brands in the e-era. Annual Marketing Conference, Türku
  • Living the Brand. Design Day, Oslo
  • Building Brands Together. Litteraturhuset, Oslo
  • Co-creation: new brand management and intellectual property. Marka International Brand Conference, Istanbul
  • Brand Together. Design Management Institute Conference, Helsinki
  • Building Brands Together: theory and practice (with Nick Coates). Espoo, Finland
  • Building Brands Together. National Theatre, Oslo
  • Living the BrandStima Conference, Brussels
  • Brand Together. Trondheim Marketing Association, Trondheim
  • People are the Brand. HRNorge Seminar, Oslo
  • Living the Brand. ING Global Talent Management, Amsterdam
  • Living the Brand Workshop Brand Conclave, Kolkata, India
  • Living the Brand. Marketing Society, Stavanger, Norway
  • Conscientious Brands. Special Interest Group on Branding, Barcelona
  • Living the Brand. Puratos Management Conference, Brussels




  • Brand Building. Irish Food Board, Dublin, Ireland
  • Bringing your brand to Life. Entrepeneurs Organization, Vlieland, The Netherlands
  • Living the Brand. Springs Global Conference, Charlotte, USA
  • Living the Brand. 4th Marketing Excellence Conference, Cyprus
  • Living the Brand: from words to actions. NHTV Executive Programme, Breda, The Netherlands
  • Living the Brand. Virgin Media Finance Managers Seminar, London
  • Living the Brand. Mexx Design Symposium, Amsterdam
  • Living the Brand. Branding-corporate religion conference, Moscow
  • Beyond Branding. Belgrade Design Week, Serbia
  • Re-thinking Branding. EUConsult, English National Opera, London
  • Re-thinking branding. MSN One Event, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Realising a Living the Brand culture. Stockholm School of Economics, Russia – Executive Programme
  • Creative Leadership Strategies for Success. SME Forum – Keynote Speaker, Bristol, UK
  • Bringing the brand to life. Orkla Media, Copenhagen
  • Realising a Living the Brand culture. Orkla, Sarpsborg, Norway
  • Inspiration: Capturing the creative potential of your organisation. Nicholas Ind and Cameron Watt. The Team, London
  • Branding and Fundraising. FMA Conference on Social Empowerment, Vienna
  • Inspiration: creativity workshop. Nicholas Ind and Cameron Watt. CiB, London
  • Beyond Branding. Account Planning Group Deutschland, Hamburg
  • Branding and Sustainability. ABN AMRO, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
  • Inspiration Day. ABN AMRO, Amsterdam
  • How branding helps drive fundraising IFC Master Class, Amsterdam
  • Brands and Customer Satisfaction ABN AMRO, Paris
  • Living the Brand Oriflame annual conference, Tunisia
  • Beyond Branding: moving beyond abstraction Conference on ‘The Role of Humanities in the Formation of New European Elites’, Venice
  • Building a brand inside out SOS Kinderdorf International, Innsbruck
  • Living the Brand IAAMC Summer Conference. Los Angeles
  • Inspiration at Work ABN AMRO Global Conference. Amsterdam
  • How to Brand Norway Images of Norway Conference, University of Oslo/Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Branding in Higher Education HEIST Reputation Management Conference, New College, Oxford University
  • Living the Brand PDVSA Leadership Symposium, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Living the Brand IIR – Corporate Branding Conference, Stockholm
  • Living the Brand Brand Genetics Conference, Rotterdam
  • Branding Olympics Norwegian Marketing Association, Oslo
  • Living the Brand IIR – Corporate Branding Conference, Stockholm. Key note speaker
  • Living the Brand IIR – Corporate Image Conference, Amsterdam
  • The Future of Brands IIR – Marketing Conference, Stockholm. Key note speaker
  • Internal Branding Conference Board – Corporate Image Conference, London





“My anectodal feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I think he’s by far the best keynote speaker we’ve had in ages, if not ever. The combination of examples and anecdotes, followed by practical suggestions, was perfect.”
Feedback quote from the Chair of the IAAMC conference in Los Angeles


“The reviews have been glowing and in fact, the following day, we had an offsite and you were quoted numerous times.”
Feedback quote from Springs Global Management Conference in Charlotte