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  How adidas found its second wind (with Oriol Iglesias and Majken Schultz) Strategy-Business, Autumn 2015 Living the Brand. Chapter in The Definitive Book of Branding. ed. K. Kompella, 2014 The organic view of the brand: A brand value co-creation model. (with Oriol Iglesias and Manuel Alfaro). Journal of Brand Management, 2013 Building Brands Together:… Read More

How Adidas Found Its Second Wind -

How Adidas Found Its Second Wind


The sportswear giant’s embrace of its heritage shows how reconnecting with the past can inspire a company’s future.   How does a company cope with change? It’s a question that looms large for many executives who are struggling to keep up with the breakneck pace of business. Those who fail to answer it may face… Read More

Meaning at Work -

Meaning at Work


In the current economic climate it might be argued that trying to generate employee engagement is a luxury that the private and public sector can ill afford. Nicholas Ind FRSA argues that it is at precisely these times that organisations need the innovative ideas and contributions of their staff in enhancing service and performance. So… Read More

Brand Building, Beyond Marketing -

Brand Building, Beyond Marketing


Consumers are becoming more suspicious of traditional branding. Here are five steps to regain their trust. by Nicholas Ind and Majken Schultz This article was published by Booz & Company. Not so long ago, brands were in the limelight. They were seemingly powerful, and virtuous. Any inconvenient truths were hidden by glossy packaging and one-way,… Read More

A New Source Of Inspiration -

A new source of inspiration


Editorial, Journal of Brand Management, 2003   The economist, Ernst Schumacher wrote this back in 1974 in a now famous book, Small is Beautiful. His view was that economists are so focused on the abstract and the analytical, that they forget the reality of the people behind the numbers they cite. In a post Enron… Read More

Inside Out -

Inside Out


Propeller, 2002   Increasingly business leaders recognise there is little point in investing large sums in advertising and design, if the reality of employee behaviour undermines those well honed messages of product and service superiority. This, combined with the competitive advantage that can be gained through the recruitment and retention of the best people in… Read More