Living the Brand

2001. Kogan Page.


A company’s workforce is its most valuable asset. It is the employees who translate an organisation’s strategy into reality, interact with consumers and determine the corporate brand.


Living the Brand demonstrates how a participatory approach can enhance employee commitment, improve service standards and focus effort to deliver business goals. This can be achieved by building meaning, purpose and values into the organization to foster a culture of enthusiastic employee participation. This practical and inspirational book is about how organizations can empower and enthuse their employees to create ‘brand champions’.


The themes of Living the Brand are:


  • Employees flourish in organizations where they identify with the brand;
  • Organizations flourish when the brand has relevance and creates meaning;
  • Purpose and values are not created – they exist; the issue is how well they are articulated and embedded;
  • Brand clarity creates freedom;
  • Brands come to life when the boundaries between the internal and external blur;
  • Stories and myths are important for sustaining brands;
  • Living the brand requires imagination.


With the use of original international case studies, Nicholas Ind discusses the insights and problems of articulating and then delivering brands through people. The book examines the nature of branding and why people have become such important definers of the brand.


The conclusion being that both organizations and people need values – it is essential to their well-being and sense of worth.


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