Brand Together: How Co-Creation Generates Innovation and Re-energises Brands

Nicholas Ind, Clare Fuller and Charles Trevail 2012. Kogan Page


Brings together branding and innovation to show how brands can be co-created together with consumers and other audiences. The book itself was co-created together with 236 consumers, 20 experts and 5 contributors.


Any business that wants to continue growing has to consider new ways of developing and engaging with customers and clients. Innovation and co-creation have emerged as the key topics in the post-recession business environment.


Brand Together will show you how to involve all stakeholders in the process of creativity – providing inspiration on how to revitalize brands and enable them to succeed in the new world of customer engagement and participation. It will show you how to truly intertwine innovation with brand strategy, whilst providing guidance on how to co-create with customers from a brand perspective.


Drawing on case studies including Barclays, Mozilla, [yellow tail], Kraft Foods, Virgin Media and Danone. Brand Together will provide valuable insights for marketing and branding professionals and for anyone who wants to grow their business and their brand.