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  • How adidas found its second wind (with Oriol Iglesias and Majken Schultz) Strategy-Business, Autumn 2015
  • Living the Brand. Chapter in The Definitive Book of Branding. ed. K. Kompella, 2014
  • The organic view of the brand: A brand value co-creation model. (with Oriol Iglesias and Manuel Alfaro). Journal of Brand Management, 2013
  • Building Brands Together: emergence and outcomes of co-creation (with Oriol Iglesias and Majken Schultz). California Management Review 2013
  • Humble Leaders RSA Journal 2012
  • Meaning at Work RSA Online 2012
  • Beyond Place Branding (with Erling Dokk Holm). Chapter in the Place Branding Year Book 2012 ed. Govers and Go
  • Beyond the Fringe: creativity and the city (with Louise Todd). Chapter in the Place Branding Year Book 2011 ed. Govers and Go
  • Brand Building, Beyond Marketing (with Majken Schultz) Strategy+Business, 2010
  • Branding and the Arts (with Cristian Saracco) Spanish Language edition of Harvard Business Review , 2008
  • The Concept of Participatory Market Orientation (with Rune Bjerke) Journal of Brand Management, 2007
  • Beyond Branding: from abstract to cubist thinking. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 2006
  • How brands determine organizational creativity (with Cameron Watt) Design Management Review, 2005
  • The impact of aesthetics on employee satisfaction, identity, creativity, mood and motivation – toward a conceptual framework (with Rune Bjerke and Donatella de Paoli) Paper presented at EURAM, St Andrews, 2004
  • Inside Out: how employees build value Journal of Brand Management, 2003
  • A new source of inspiration Editorial, Journal of Brand Management, 2003
  • Inside Out Propeller, 2002
  • Norwegian Brands – where are they? Dagens Næringsliv, 2002
  • Living the brand: Why organisations need purpose and values Market Leader, 2001
  • Branding on the Web: a real revolution Journal of Brand Management, 2001 (with Maria Riondino)
  • Branding – what can the private sector learn from charities? Brand Strategy (with Matthew Bell)
  • Freedom and Order: A participative approach to corporate branding Journal of Brand Management, 1999 (with Matthew Bell)
  • The company and the product: the relevance of corporate associations Corporate Reputation Review, 1998
  • An Integrated Approach to Corporate Branding Journal of Brand Management, 1998
  • Corporate Identity in three dimensions First International Corporate Identity Symposium 1994
  • Case study in Competitive Advantage Strathclyde Working Paper Series 1988, Economist Intelligence Unit 1988



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