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Nicholas is the author of eleven books.
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Patagonia is the core case in “Living the Brand” This company lives the brand in everything it says and does.
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Nicholas Ind is a popular speaker and presenter who brings the subject of branding to life with interesting research and stories.
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Updates on research, projects in development and publications.
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Nicholas Ind is a writer and partner in the consulting firm, Equilibrium Consulting.

Living the Brand

Brands are defined by people. It is employees who determine how an organisation is seen and customers who decide when to start and terminate their relationship with the brand. This suggests that the interface between employee and customer (and other key audience) is fundamental to either building or destroying brand value. Read more…

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  How adidas found its second wind (with Oriol Iglesias and Majken Schultz) Strategy-Business, Autumn 2015 Living the Brand. Chapter in The Definitive Book of Branding. ed. K. Kompella,

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Meaning at Work

In the current economic climate it might be argued that trying to generate employee engagement is a luxury that the private and public sector can ill afford. Nicholas Ind


  • "My anectodal feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I think he's by far the best keynote speaker we've had in ages, if not ever. The combination of examples and anecdotes, followed by practical suggestions, was perfect."
    Feedback quote from the Chair of the IAAMC conference in Los Angeles
  • “The reviews have been glowing and in fact, the following day, we had an offsite and you were quoted numerous times.”
    Feedback quote from Springs Global Management Conference in Charlotte